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To The Girl Who Never Truly Recovered From Her Last Heartbreak


They say that the only thing more dangerous than war is love. Many people would argue this, but it wouldn’t be those who got their hearts broken or those who loved somebody who had a broken heart.

If you have ever been close to the girl that had her heart broken, you’d know what I’m talking about. If you ever tried to love a girl that had her heart broken, you’d be able to see what I am talking about.

If you look close enough the girl you think is doing fine, actually feels like drowning. If you look close enough, the girl that promises she’s more than OK actually never recovered from her last heartbreak.

If you look close enough, you’ll see that the girl who got her heart broken isn’t herself anymore.

That girl who got her heart broken is half of the person she used to be. She doesn’t look forward to small things as she used to. She doesn’t smile like she used to. She doesn’t talk about life with the same joy or about things she likes with the same spark in her eyes.

If you care enough to pay attention, you’ll see that the girl who got her heart broken has a hard time trusting people.

That girl who got her heart broken doesn’t really let people in anymore. She makes friends, she maintains her old relationships, but always with one foot on the run. The minute she feels somebody got too close to her heart, she pulls back. She got her heart broken once—she isn’t going to let it happen again.

If you look close enough, you’ll see that the eyes of the girl who got her heart broken are full of melancholy.

That girl who got her heart broken has sadness written all over her face. Even when she smiles, her smile is sad. Her smile is her shield, her defense mechanism against her brokenness.  If you listen closely you will hear melancholy in it that she is unable to hide.

The only way you can truly know how she really feels is if you take a deep look into her eyes. 

But her eyes always tell a different story. They reveal her true feelings.  They tell the stories of how she cried herself to sleep thinking about everything that has happened with him and everything that could have happened but never did.  

But a heartbroken girl never stays broken forever.

A heartbroken girl picks her broken pieces up and she glues them back together. The cracks may always be visible, but she wears them with pride. She wears her cracks as a sign that what she went through didn’t kill her, it only made her stronger.

The beautifully broken girl doesn’t lie down and accept her defeat forever. She won’t be pushing people away forever. She won’t be broken forever. She’s going to be whole again.

The beautifully broken girl will eventually remember who she is and what she once wanted from her life. And then she’s going to go for it.

The beautifully broken girl still believes in love. She still wants to believe that there are good guys out there. She likes to think that she’d eventually get the love she deserves.

She might have not recovered yet from her last heartbreak, but she will. No heart stays broken forever.

She is going to recover eventually and she’s going to welcome new people in her life and leave those who hurt her behind. 

She will look at her past as her teacher and not something that defines her. She will turn her pain into her strength. She will turn her tears into genuine laughter and there will be no more pain behind her beautiful smile.


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