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7 Mean Things He Will Do After A Breakup


When a guy is going through a breakup, he will be fine at the beginning, but then is likely to go a little, shall we say, off-piste. He will do things to make you feel jealous or to make you miss him and want him back.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he really wants you back, but it’s just in his nature to do these kinds of things.

These are the 7 meanest things your ex will do after you break up with him:

1. Social media activity

He will become more active on every social media platform you’re using too. He will post pictures of him in clubs with other girls or ones of him traveling somewhere – everything in order to show that he is doing great after you and that he is enjoying life better than when he was with you.

Also, there will be some heartbreaking quotes posted, clearly addressed to you. But you won’t worry about it, as you’re better than that.

2. Kindness

He will be extremely kind and friendly to others, especially your mutual friends. If he sees some of them on the streets, they will be greeted with a big smile and an invitation for a drink.

He will talk again about how good he is feeling and how fun his life is now, in case you hadn’t seen that on Facebook and your friends can now tell you that.

3. Badmouthing

He will want everyone to know his side of the story as well. “It was not my fault, I took a lot of shit too.”

4. Texting you

He will sometimes send you an irrelevant text, probably with the sole purpose of annoying you and to drive you crazy.

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5. Avoiding you in public

When he sees you in public, he will try to avoid talking to you or avoid you completely. Even worse, he will walk right next to you but won’t even say, “Hi.”

This will just prove that he was never man enough, not even while you two were together.

6. Finding a new girlfriend

There is nothing wrong with moving on and finding someone new quickly but he will force himself to do so, and when he does, he’ll be sure that you’re the first one to know.

It will feed his ego knowing that you’re aware of his new girlfriend and that you’re aware of how awesome his life now is. Of course, you’ll handle that like a real lady and congratulate him, not giving him anything to feed his ego.

7. Trying to get you back

At the end of the day, he will realize what he lost and will try to get you back. He will send you messages, he will promise that he’s changed and that you should give him another chance. But you’ll be smarter than that.

You’ll know that a guy like that never changes and that you’re perfectly fine on your own by now, or have found someone who is finally worthy of you. It’s a win-win situation for you anyways.



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