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5 Signs That You Are In A Deeply Intimate Relationship


You are all about transparency

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Feeling comfortable enough to be yourself around your significant other is the most important indicator of an emotional connection and a deeply intimate relationship.

If you are both open and honest, it’s easier to get to know one another on a deeper level.

You don’t exaggerate though, you know which things demand your partner’s attention and which don’t.

Also, you are not afraid to slip or make a mistake because you are in a judgment-free zone with your partner and you can be weird together.

You are there for each other in your crisis situations

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If you are in a deeply intimate relationship, your partner will be the first person you call when something bad happens or the first person you tell you are not okay.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s stress, flu or something major, the important thing is that they are your person.

They are there for you and you are there for them, no questions asked.

You are each other’s ‘in case of emergency’ person even if you don’t have the medical papers to prove it.

Knowing that someone is wholeheartedly there for you is enough.

You respect each other’s worlds

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Being deeply intimate is not about knowing all about your partner and following their every step. It’s about trusting them to respect you even when they are not by your side.

A strong and trusting relationship allows both people to have their own life outside of it. They need to have time for their friends and to pursue their own interests.

It’s the best and the most normal thing. But more often than not, couples unnecessarily suffocate one another with jealousy.

You support each other even when you don’t see eye to eye

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A lot of people try to change their partner in a way so he or she would be more like them.

They impose their personal beliefs on their partner because they believe it’s the right way to go.

By doing that, they only damage their relationship.

But when you are in a relationship that is emotionally intimate, you accept each other just the way you are.

You are two different individuals and you will have to agree to disagree at times.

You won’t judge your partner or make him feel less just because you don’t share the same opinion about certain matters.

You are two different individuals who are trying to find common ground.

You have your own language

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Communication is an important factor in every successful relationship. You should be able to talk to your partner as if he is your best friend.

So if your relationship is a deeply intimate one, you probably have some inside jokes that nobody else gets but more importantly you have serious, deep and insightful conversations.

You do more than talk about how your day went or about current situations. You talk about the past and what happened to you.

You also talk about your present and future, your plans, goals and dreams and you are in each other’s hypothetical stories.


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