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The Love Of Your Life Usually Comes After The Mistake Of Your Life


It happens at times that you confuse the biggest mistake of your life for your forever person.

You lay all your hopes and dreams on him just so he could walk all over them.

You couldn’t imagine your life without him in it. However, he had other plans.

He took as much as he could from you and went on his way, leaving you crushed.

And how wouldn’t you be when you gave your best to someone who wasn’t worth it, to someone who didn’t deserve you?

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But what if being severely broken is the best thing that could have happened to you?

Maybe you would never have moved from a shitty relationship if you weren’t forced out of it.

Sometimes, we get so stubborn, so persistent in holding onto something we believe is love, that it only hurts us even more in the end.

Maybe there was no other way. This was the push you needed to move from something that wasn’t meant for you.

Maybe you needed to be broken, so your pieces could be put together differently.

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Maybe you needed to find yourself first, so someone right could find the real you.

What we don’t see is that our ex is there for a reason. He was the mistake you had to make, so you could learn something; so you could see what love should never be like.

Love shouldn’t be one-sided. It has to go both ways to be real. All the investments, feelings and efforts should flow between two people.

Love shouldn’t be begged for. The one who wants to be in your life will find the time—no matter how busy he is.

Anything other than that is an excuse.

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Love shouldn’t be cold. It should keep you warm no matter the season. You should never be deprived of all the cuddles, hugs and kisses you desire.

Love shouldn’t be deaf to your problems.

You should always have somebody who is there for you, who will at least listen even if he can’t help. You shouldn’t feel so alone in a relationship.

Love shouldn’t be torture. It shouldn’t make you cry more often than it makes you smile. It shouldn’t be violent in a physical or emotional way.

Love should hold you tight enough that you feel like you belong to another human being but you are nevertheless free. You are free to be yourself.

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Be grateful for the mistake of your life. It prepared you for what’s yet to come. It prepared you for the real deal. It prepared you for the love of your life.

Your mistake enabled you to recognize “the one” when he comes. And you will recognize him—there is no doubt about it.

Your eyes will sparkle because he just remembered to send a simple text that will make your whole day better.

When he is overwhelmed with work or life, he will take a minute to call you because you are on his mind no matter what.

You will feel that inner peace you searched for so long because you will finally be with someone who cares for you as much as you do for him.

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The connection and the chemistry you will share will be magnetic. It will pull you closer and closer together.

It will be easy to make plans and spend time together because he will want to see you as much as you want to see him.

All will be reciprocated, and you will feel like you are floating on cloud nine. At the same time, that love will keep you grounded. It will make you feel safe.

It will make you feel like you finally found your home and you will have no doubt about it. For the first time in your life, you will be sure.

All of that will be thanks to the mistake of your life, the one who drained you emotionally, abandoned you and broke you completely.

Your mistake made you pick up those pieces and assemble them in your own unique, beautiful and stronger style—a style that only the love of your life will recognize and cherish for eternity.


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