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The Beauty Of Meeting A Good Guy After A Toxic Relationship


Toxic relationships are the meanest thing that can happen in your life. When you give all of yourself to someone, you think is the one.

Then he disappoints you and hurts you in ways you couldn’t imagine, so your faith in love get shaken a bit.

You don’t have the same outlook on love, and you think you won’t fall in love anymore. You feel used, broken and depressed, and no matter how much you want to get over the one who mistreated you, you can’t.

You hate that you still have feelings for him and you don’t know what to do with them.

You start thinking that you are guilty of all the things that happened, and you don’t see the whole picture crystal clear.

You still don’t blame him for everything between the two of you because you think you could have done something to make things work.

But the harsh truth is that you couldn’t have done anything to save the relationship that was already doomed at the beginning.

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It wasn’t about you; it was about him. You are not the unlovable one; he is. You are not the bad guy in all this story. He is.

And I know you will need some time to figure it all out and to sort things, but in the end, you will see things as they really are.

And when you learn to love yourself, when you give yourself a second chance and when you realize that there is still life after him, you will be ready to finally move on.

Once you heal properly, you will be able to start a new chapter of your life. You won’t think you are the unlovable one.

In fact, you will think that you, more than ever, deserve a love that stays. And that is what you will seek all the time.

You won’t put up with any crap because you had enough of that in your last relationship.

You won’t let another man treat you as an option or play mind games with you. You will cut out everyone who tries to do that from your life.

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But after all that mess, after your heartbreak, tears spilled and depressive nights when you were trying to find a way out but couldn’t find it, someone will come into your life.

There will come a man who will think that you are worthy. You will meet a good guy when you least expect him.

You will meet him, and you won’t immediately recognize he is the one.

But he will make an effort for you, and you will start noticing him more and more. A good guy won’t sweep you off your feet as soon as he enters the room. Instead, he will do it slowly because he doesn’t want to push anything.

He is the kind of man who would give up on you if you wouldn’t be interested in him. He is a real gentleman, and he treats all women well.

And that is the man you need to wait for because he is worth the wait. And once he comes into your life, you will see what real love is.

You will see the beauty of meeting the good guy after a toxic relationship. And with him, all your dreams will come true.

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You will finally feel special and unique. You won’t have to beg him for his attention because he will give it only to you.

With him, you won’t have to overthink if you are good enough or worthy enough.

You won’t feel any of those negative emotions you felt while you were in a toxic relationship. Instead, you will feel like the happiest woman alive, and you will project your positive energy onto the people around you.

When you meet the right one, everything will instantly make sense. You will feel you can conquer the world with one hand if he is holding the other one.

And you will slay in everything you start doing.

With the right one, you will feel alive again—alive after so much time spent in sorrow and depression. And that will be the best feeling ever.

The right man, your good guy, will show you that love shouldn’t be hard and that you shouldn’t work your ass off to satisfy your partner. He will show you that love is as natural as breathing.

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He will give you all that you have been craving for so long and nothing will be too hard for him. He will please you and show you that every guy would be so damn happy if he could have you in his life.

The right one will bring back your faith in love again, and with him, everything will make sense. All the puzzles will come into place, and you will feel the peace within.

He will hold you while you are fixing yourself after your toxic relationship, and what is most important, he will be so patient about that.

He will always try to understand you, and hurting you will be the last thing on his mind.

He will value you because he sees that you are a high-quality woman, and every act he makes will be with a lot of love.

A guy like that would sacrifice his own happiness just so you could be happy. He is someone who will put you first even if you didn’t ask for it.

He is the man of your dreams, your best friend, your lover, ayour hand of salvation, your night call and your human diary. He is the other half of you.

And the best part is that he is not going anywhere.

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