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Does My Ex Miss Me After The Break-Up? 15 Signs You’re On His Mind


You’re trying to get your ex back but are not sure whether there is still some love for you left in him?

You can’t get to the bottom of your ex’s mind and tell for sure whether this guy is being friendly or he wants a second chance?

Will my ex miss me if I leave him alone?

Does my ex think of me during the no contact period and does he miss me when we’re apart?

Does he want us to remain good friends or does he still love me romantically?

Why didn’t he tell me, “I love you,” if he really does?

On the other hand, why is he sending me all those subtle messages during these few weeks of no contact if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me?

If these are some of the questions running through your head right now, we’re here to your rescue because we’re giving you the 15 most common things a lot of people do when they miss their ex girlfriend or boyfriend.

Read on and find out what’s in your ex’s mind:

Does My Ex Miss Me Quiz

woman sitting at a table and pressing a phone

If you’re trying to get your ex back, please have in mind that, contrary to popular belief, not all men are the same, so not every one will display his emotions in the same way.

However, you can see these signals as a kind of a quiz; if you can relate half or more of the signs listed below with your ex, there is no doubt that he still craves you.

He talks to your mutual friends about you

friends sit and laugh

It doesn’t matter whether you two were together for a little while, this was a long-term relationship or something long distance—it is natural that there are some people who have stayed in touch with both of you.

Well, these people can be some of your first clues about your ex’s feelings.

While I’m not saying that he should have cut all ties with everyone who’s got anything to do with you, one of the first and the most sure-fire signs your ex boyfriend misses you and still thinks about having you in his life is the way he talks to your best friends about you.

If he uses every opportunity he gets to bring your name up or if he calls them all the time to indirectly ask what you’ve been up, whether you have a new relationship or just to check whether you still care for him, one thing is certain—this guy misses you but is too much of a chicken to tell you that in person.

Maybe he thinks that none of them will tell you about this so he is just exploring whether he has the green light to reach out to you or not.

On the other hand, have in mind the possibility that he actually wants you to find out that he is talking about you, so that you get the message without him having to do anything concrete.

He is jealous

the man sits and looks over the woman's eye

When you’re done with a guy, neither of you has the right to be jealous of the other’s new life or new relationship; at least, that is how things should look when two people become completely indifferent after the end of the relationship.

Nevertheless, when it comes to your ex, the situation is quite different.

He is not just overly interested in whether you have moved on, which is enough of a sign but he also criticizes your new choices.

However, he probably won’t tell you straightforwardly that he is bothered by the fact that you are seeing someone new because he is aware that you’re his ex girlfriend now and that he has no right to protest.

Instead, he’ll probably do whatever he can to dig up some dirt about everyone new you’re interested in and will go out of his way to ruin your every relationship before it even officially starts.

Also, your ex constantly compares himself to your new relationships and makes sure you see that he’s a better person than anyone you’re about to meet.

He shows up in the places where he could see you

a man drinks wine and looks at a woman

So, when a couple spends some time together, it is normal for them to form a habit of going to the same coffee shops, restaurants and clubs.

Therefore, at first, you’re probably not so surprised you keep running into your ex quite often.

However, when you come to think about it, you see that there is a huge possibility that he is actually making an effort to see you, without it looking obvious.

And what could be a better way to do that than to ‘accidentally’ run into you?

That is exactly what he’s doing—he keeps showing up in places where he knows you hang out.

This guy knows your schedule and it is not difficult for him to predict where you might be.

Of course, even if you confront him about this, he’ll tell you that the fact that you two met in front of your building at the place where you work is nothing but a mere coincidence.

Nevertheless, it is more than clear that he can’t help the urge to be in your presence, one way or another. Why? Because he wants to get back together.

Besides, he is making sure you don’t forget about him either, as he knows that he is making your getting over process much harder if he is always in your sight.

He is keeping an eye on you and waiting for a perfect opportunity to make a move.

He finds excuses to initiate contact

a man talking to a woman

What was the last time this man tried reaching out? Put an effort into remembering because it can be crucial for giving you the answer of whether he misses you or not.

By now, you have probably realized that this man doesn’t have the courage to come clean about his feelings.

He won’t ask you to come back to him and nor will he directly tell you, “I love you.”

Despite this, he can’t stand being far from you, so he has to find a way to reach out to you.

Therefore, he’ll keep on finding lame excuses to initiate contact just to have a chance to talk to you or to check your reaction because there is a huge difference between answering his calls and blocking his number.

The possibilities regarding these excuses are endless; he might ask for your hand with something anyone could actually help him with, remember to ask you to return him that old sweatshirt that’s been at your place for ages (which he obviously doesn’t need at all), text you to see how you’ve been doing (and then proceed with a conversation after he sees that you’re responding) and so on.

Either way, the point is the same—this guy can’t follow the no contact rule and wants to hear from you as soon as possible.

He shows you he’s become the best version of himself

a man sitting behind a laptop

Apparently, there is a reason why you and your ex decided to break things off.

While I’m not going to talk about who is responsible for the break-up, the fact is that there were some things that bothered you about him and vice versa.

Well, now that he has lost you, for the first time ever, he is showing you that he finally made all those changes you asked him to and that he’s become the best version of himself.

He wants to prove to you that he’s a new, improved man and that your relationship wouldn’t be the same this time, if you just give him a chance.

Of course, there is a possibility that he really came to his senses and realized his mistakes. Maybe your absence cleared his vision so he decided to become different.

However, please be careful because on the other hand, it is more likely that he is doing all of this to manipulate you into coming back in his life.

Maybe he wants you to think that he is a better person than before and that he has become the man you’ve always wanted him to be.

He hasn’t found a serious girlfriend

a man and a woman are walking

If you’re wondering, “Does my ex miss me?” another bulletproof sign that he does is his relationship status, which hasn’t changed ever since you and he parted ways.

You two haven’t been together for some time now but despite that, he still hasn’t managed to have a real, serious relationship.
One thing is clear—this guy might have moved on from you physically but he hasn’t done so emotionally.

He still believes in your reconciliation and he can’t get himself to allow some other woman to take your place.

Sound familiar?

Well, if that’s the case, this guy doesn’t want you back just to heal his broken ego and to show both of you that he can have you whenever he feels like it—he probably still genuinely loves you.

Besides, he is honest enough not to drag other people into your dramas.

He doesn’t want to find a new girl who’ll just end up hurt if he manages to persuade you into giving him a second chance.

He jumps from one relationship to another

a man and a woman sitting on a bench

On the other hand, if your ex starts switching between new girls a little while after the end of the relationship, that is also a sign that he still hasn’t gotten over you.

In fact, it is more than clear that he is using the no contact period to search for you in every woman who crosses his path.

You see, a lot of people are quite different from the ones mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Sadly, many men don’t mind breaking other girls’ hearts along the way if it will make them feel better for a moment.

This guy jumps from one fling to another and each one is nothing more than a rebound relationship.

He is very well aware that he’s lost the love of his life and he doesn’t have any hope that he’ll care for someone the way he did about you.

Therefore, he settles for single life, filled with casual sex and meaningless one-night stands, then he ends up repenting the next day, in pointless attempts to heal his broken heart.

He thinks that the best way to kick you out of his system and to prove to the world you mean nothing to him is to get laid as much as possible and to have as many girls as he can.

… and uses every opportunity to make you jealous

the man and woman laugh while the other woman looks at them angrily

When your ex misses you, he puts his maximum effort into making you jealous.

So, no, you’re not imagining things—he is probably doing everything he can to get some kind of feedback from you and what is better confirmation of your feelings for him than jealousy?

This guy will hook up with the first girl who comes around and will go out of his way to make sure you find out about it.

He will immediately let her meet all of your mutual friends, he will take her to the places he expects to see you and he will post happy pictures of the two of them every single day all over his social media.

If none of this works, he might even find an excuse to talk to you, just so he could end up bragging that he has officially moved on.

Naturally, if this is the case, you wouldn’t be at the back of his mind and he wouldn’t have a need to notify you about his changed relationship status.

At first, the truth is the last thing on your mind and you assume that he really is happy and you probably even hate him for that.

You can’t believe that he’s managed to fall in love so quickly, especially in comparison to the fact that you’re still at the same place he left you.

However, when you give it a second thought, you see that he is actually trying to present his relationship as too good to be true.

You see that he is overly concerned with people, including you, thinking that he is in a perfect relationship and happier than ever, which is a definite clue that he is just trying to get the reaction he wants from you.

He talks about the old times

a man and a woman drinking coffee

The best way for a guy to revive the old spark is to remind you of everything you two shared back in the past.

This is to make you remember all the good times you had, of the way he made you happy and how beautiful your relationship was in its beginnings.

Your ex boyfriend is aware of this and uses your history to his advantage.

Naturally, he wasn’t always the man he was in the last days of your relationship—otherwise, you wouldn’t have been with him in the first place.

Well, when he casually mentions old times, he wants you to see him as the guy you fell in love with all over again.

He wants you to become nostalgic about your romance, since he knows that this is his ticket back to your heart.

He might take you to the place you met for the first time or use other tactics to remind you what butterflies feel like.

He is putting effort into convincing you that he is someone familiar to your heart and body and that your relationship is your comfort zone you shouldn’t have stepped out of.

Also, this is a sure-fire sign that he’s been playing everything you two went through together back and forth in his head.

He realizes that he misses you more than he thought he would and that he wants to have another shot with you.

In this case, you need to think things through and decide whether there is a possibility of you two rebuilding your relationship.

Is your history together reason enough for you to go back to him?

He’s texting and calling you when he’s drunk

woman sitting and button on the phone

It’s an old proven truth that a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

So, if your ex is calling or texting you only when he’s drunk, it must mean something.

I won’t lie to you—there is a huge possibility that this is nothing but him trying to get laid.

It is long past midnight, he hasn’t had any luck with all those other girls he hit on and he remembers you—the only woman who will never reject him and who will heal his broken ego, hoping that you’ll serve him as a safety net.

Nevertheless, it is more likely that he misses you but only has the guts to admit that when he is wasted.

Yes, this guy acts completely indifferent when he’s sober because that is when he has the strength to keep on his mask of a tough guy who couldn’t care less about you or your failed relationship.

However, when the alcohol kicks in, he loosens up and he loses control over his behavior so he can’t control his urge to talk to you.

It is only when he becomes completely aware of the intensity of his emotions and when he can’t get you out of his mind.

So, how can you know which option you’re dealing with?

Well, the fact is that you can’t until you two have an honest conversation the next day, when you’re both clear-headed and sober-minded.

He stalks your social media accounts

the man sits and looks at the phone

Another thing that can get you the answer to the question, “Does your ex boyfriend miss you?” lies in the fact that he investigates your social media profiles.

Let’s be honest—this is the place where we can find out the most about other people, so he uses all the advantages of modern technology to track you down.

He is the first one to view your Stories, he likes every photo you post and uses every opportunity he can to pop up in your direct messages.

It seems like he’s turned on notifications for everything regarding your profiles and that means he is still very interested in you.

Actually, the thing that concerns him the most is whether you’ve found someone new.

He is looking for clues of a new relationship and if he finds them, he wants to figure out whether this is just some kind of a rebound relationship you’ve gotten yourself into to get over him with more ease or if it is the real deal.

On the other hand, if you two are trying to follow the no contact rule and have blocked each other everywhere, you keep seeing numerous fake profiles trying to get to you.

Naturally, nobody can claim that he is behind all of this but let’s face it—what are the odds that he is?

… and uses his profiles to send you subtle messages

a man and a woman are sitting holding phones in their hands

Another tactic your ex might use when it comes to social media is turning his profiles into a platform dedicated to your broken relationship.

This guy won’t tell you he misses you face-to-face but ever since you two called it quits, he keeps on posting sad quotes about love, status updates about a broken heart or songs which you know remind him of you.

Also, there exist men who go in a completely different direction, men who use their profiles to show you how awesome their life is without you in it; how they party, travel and enjoy every day of their single life as if it were their last.

This type will post pictures and happy love quotes about how they’ve finally found the one with each rebound relationship they end up with.

They obviously want to make their ex jealous and rub their amazing life straight in their face.

Whatever type your ex boyfriend belongs to, the bottom line is pretty much the same.

This man wants to convey to you a subtle signal that he is devastated without you or that he’s having the time of his life and whichever is in question, he apparently still cares for you, since he is trying so hard for you to get the message.

He does little things for you

friends at a birthday party

It is one thing if your ex starts acting like your good friend, so he still wishes you a happy birthday and tells you that he is only a phone call away if you need anything.

These are all polite things to do if you two ended your relationship on good terms.

However, it is completely different if he is the one who congratulates you at New Year right at midnight, buys you gifts for every special occasion or, for example, remembers that doctor’s appointment you scheduled while you were still together.

It is also completely different if he appears out of nowhere every time you need a hand, offers to do you favors and acts as if you are best friends.

All of the things mentioned above are nothing but signs that this man hasn’t moved on.

He remembers everything about you and does little things for you just so you know that he is still right there to catch you if you fall and that you can rely on him, no matter what.

He sends you body language signs

a man and a woman talking at work

You know how you search for non-verbal signs that a guy is into you before you even start dating?

Well, these are the signs you should be searching for in your ex boyfriend as well, if you want to get the answer to the question, “Does my ex bf miss me?”.

Does he look you straight in the eye even when you’re across the room?

Does he glance at your mouth every time you talk?

Does he sit or stand as near you as possible whenever you two run into each other or meet up for drinks?

Does he grab your hand when he’s making a point, put his arm around your waist when he’s passing by you or on your knee when he’s laughing?

Does he get all nervous when you two are together? Does he hug you a bit longer when you greet him?

If he does, there is no doubt that this man wants you back, even though he might not be aware of that.

He is still magnetically drawn to you and it is just a matter of time when he’ll try to kiss you.

He doesn’t want to give you back your belongings

an imaginary man sitting on the bed

The last thing but certainly not the least important sign that your ex misses you is the fact that he holds on to your stuff.

You asked him to get your belongings together (and so you can give him his things) a little after you broke up but he keeps on finding excuses not to complete this trade.

He probably hasn’t grasped the idea that you are now his ex girlfriend in the first place.

As long as he sees your toothbrush next to his in the bathroom, he deludes himself that the end of the relationship isn’t real and that this is nothing but a break or a phase you’re going through.

Also, this way, he has a pretext to contact you by phone call when he feels like it.

Even when all of his hopes die out, you’ll see him texting you to come and pick up your stuff and that will be a chance for him to see you.


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