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This Is The Only Way Your Relationship Will Work If You Decide To Give It A Second Chance


When a relationship breaks, it’s hard to heal it. Even when you do, the cracks of your previous mistakes will be seen in your every move and your every word.

For that same reason, people would never advise you to give someone a second chance if they have blown up the first one.

But let’s be honest, sometimes the heart wants them back and it aches until it gets what it wants. Because of that, there are times you should give someone another chance.

Your relationship will work out if you really do think that the things that split you up the first time won’t be an issue ever again.

You should ask your partner if he’s aware of how much he hurt you and without a proper, apology which addresses the specific issues, you shouldn’t even think about taking him back into your life.

Look into his eyes and see the truth ! Is he really willing to give up his so-called sins in order to be with you?

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Is he really able to do something that will make you believe him? If he’s going to repeat the same mistake(s) again and if you see red flags even though you have given him a chance, than move on.

No matter how much your heart hurts, just walk away. He doesn’t deserve you.

But what about his tears? He seems to be so honest. It hurts him, too.

Your relationship will work out a second time if you are able to forgive him.

If you are able to live a life knowing that you two have gone through something bad and that you are really able to forgive him and yourself for everything that was done.

If you’re not ready to do this, you will find yourself judging him for everything he does and you won’t be able to go through an argument without making him remember how he deceived you before.

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Your relationship will work out if you trust that he has changed. If you trust that he will never do something so mean to you that it makes you cry and that he will never again hurt you.

Not everyone can promise you this and you should understand that. But if you believe him, if you trust in his ability to change, then your relationship will work out.

Your relationship will work out if you are able to imagine the two of you happy together.

Usually when someone is connected to a bad memory in our heads, we aren’t able to imagine a happy scene without the feeling of regret and misery eating us from the inside out.

But if you’re really able to imagine a future together, where the two of you are sitting together while your grandchildren are playing around you, than your relationship will work out.

Your relationship will work out the second time around if you are able to work on it. Relationships aren’t easy.

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Every relationship requires a lot of work and commitment , and if you’re giving your relationship a second push, then that’s where you should be working on it the most.

You have to forgive, you have to love and mostly, you have to make your relationship a priority in order for everything to fall into place. It is hard work, believe me.

Your relationship will work the second time around if you can’t imagine your lives without one another.

When you look into the future and you can’t imagine yourself with anyone else but him and all you want and need is for him to come and take you by the hand.

When you’re without him, you feel shivers down your spine and you’re in desperate need of his warmth and his gentle touch.

You see his face on every stranger and you wish for him to be there and make you feel better when everything else in life seems to be so meaningless.

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This is when your relationship will work out even when you give it a second chance.

Don’t let people convince you that it’s not worth the fight or that you should be waiting for someone else to come and make you happy.

If you believe that you can be happy with your ex if you just tried one more time, do it! Be happy! Give them a second chance!

But know that this is the only chance they have left.

Let them know that your heart isn’t a toy to be played with and that they have to put in twice as much effort to make the relationship work. If not, it’s doomed to fail.


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