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10 Secretive Signs He Wants You Back (But Won’t Admit It)


Wouldn’t it be easier to just recognize these subtle signs he wants you back immediately?

We’ve all been there. We’ve all gone through screaming over the phone, sending endless texts in the middle of the night. We’ve all cried ourselves to sleep asking why that happened to us.

So, after gallons of ice cream or whatever poison you take when you need comfort, you’ve realized that you will be just perfectly fine by yourself.

You don’t need a man to be happy. And thanis… your ex-boyfriend wants you back.

What are you supposed to do?

After all, you are not in high school anymore and you’re sick of playing mind games.

You want to know where you stand and whether you can have your ex boyfriend back or not.

Are you supposed to jump right up and take him back with both arms open wide or are you supposed to tell him to go to hell, that he had his chance and he blew it?

Maybe you should first determine the real reasons why he wants to get back together with you for the second time and why he doesn’t want to admit it.

To see if the signs that he wants you back but won’t admit it are true, you have to see whether there are any signs he actually loves you or whether he is using you for some other reason.

Is he being serious about you? Or will he hurt you once more?

Maybe he is just trying to prove a point and show everyone, including himself, that he can have his ex girlfriend back whenever he wants.

Or he is trying to heal his broken ego and needs your assurance that he still matters to someone.

Or he simply realized that you are the only woman he could ever truly love.

Maybe he learned to appreciate you now that he has lost you and is ready to do whatever he can just to have you back.

If these are the dilemmas that have been going through your mind, we’re here to help you out.

First and foremost, look at these signs he wants you back and then confirm everything by looking at 5 signs of his true love for you.

10 Sure Signs He Wants You Back But Is Scared

He’s trying to forget you too fast

man cheering beer at the club

No one can get over a break-up and move on to a new relationship in just a matter of days. It’s actually a long and painful process.

Even if your ex didn’t love you, it wouldn’t be that easy to just move on at the speed of light and to find a new girlfriend just like that.

All of this means that he is actually on the rebound and that he is deceiving himself with attempts to get over you as soon as possible.

So instead of you being jealous of the fact that he is spending time with other women and because he has moved on so quickly, remember that this behavior is just a subtle sign that he had some true feelings for you and he wants them to pass as soon as possible.

Love is a very complicated thing. Relationships are very complicated things.

You can’t just break up and hope the pain will go away in seconds, like you ripped off a Band-Aid because it won’t.

Things don’t work that way. You have to cry, you have to hate your life for a while and then you have to finally accept it.

So, if you see him partying and dating other women and yelling that he’s fine and over you, he is not.

He is desperate and actually is dealing with the fact that he made a huge mistake.

He is still in touch with your family

closeup photo from back of man talking on phone and looking through window

Okay, we all know that you choose your partner but you don’t choose their family.

Family comes along with them and if you love that person, you have to accept their family and learn to love them no matter what.

Now, some are lucky enough to land super cool family members but some are not.

However, it is one thing to stay in touch with them but it is something completely different to remain a part of their life.

And this is exactly what your ex is doing; he keeps hanging out with your family and friends, under the guise that he hasn’t broken up with them like he has with you.

Of course, these are all lies because he is probably using them to stay close to you.

If your ex is still in contact with your family and he doesn’t have to be, that’s an obvious sign he still likes you and wants you back, although it seems that he won’t admit it for some reason.

He asks your mutual friends about you

group of friends sitting on a boat dock

If you have been in a relationship that has lasted a long time, you’ve probably had some mutual friends or his friends that became yours and your friends that became his.

Now, these friends are not in a comfortable situation, especially if you and your ex haven’t parted on friendly terms.

In this case scenario, they usually have to take sides but there are some who stay in the middle, no matter what.

These friends are the most common targets of an ex who wants to get back to the person they broke up with and this is also the tactic your ex is using to make you a part of his life once more.

He will probably ask about you, what you’ve been up to or if you are seeing anyone.

He’ll show a huge interest in your life because he regrets that he is no longer a part of it and he wants you back, badly.

He sends you texts

man looking at phone outside

Another strong sign that your ex misses you lies in the fact that he keeps sending you text messages and calling you out of the blue.

He sends you texts to check in, to see if you are okay like he wants to be good friends with you, despite the fact you are no longer in a relationship.

He doesn’t want to pressure you into talking to him, nor does he ask you about your love life—in fact, he knows exactly the right amount of texts to send, the right amount of how not to be too pushy but to keep himself in the back of your mind.

Actually, what he wants is to see how you’re doing—if you are as miserable as he is and if he senses it, he will try to take you back because, obviously, he has made a huge mistake but won’t admit it. He’s ashamed about letting go of a perfect girl like you.

He talks about your relationship

worried woman looking at her phone at home

If your ex keeps mentioning the good old days and how much fun you’ve had, it is more than obvious that he misses you like hell.

The truth is, most of us remember only the good times after we break up with someone, especially after some time has passed.

But he is fixated on the good times you’ve had on purpose, with the intention of luring you back to those nice memories.

However, you know that it takes time to forget what has happened to you.

It takes time to emotionally heal and move past all the bad things that have happened to you and so does he.

So, he will strategically wait for some time and then come back and talk about happy memories.

If you still have feelings for him, give him another chance and a chance to explain himself because he’s obviously still crazy in love with you.

He’s changing for the better

smiling man sitting and leaning on wooden fence

You can’t change anyone and that’s a fact. I mean you can’t change their core, who they really are deep inside but you can change their behaviors, reactions and the actions someone takes. You can show them their behavior is not okay.

You can show them their mistakes and help them work on them. The point is, the only thing you can do is show them where they went wrong and be their support if they want to make things right.

While you were dating, you wanted to succeed in that but he wouldn’t listen. He thought nothing was wrong with him.

But now he has probably realized that you were right and he wants to change and grow.

He wants to learn from his mistakes and improve his behavior. You can see that clearly from the way he behaves now.

That means he took your words seriously and wants to improve himself and get you back but he won’t admit it.

He is drunk dialing you

upset man talking on the phone

A drunk mind speaks a sober heart. That is the absolute truth.

When you are under the influence of alcohol, your rational mind takes a break and all the things and feelings you’re hiding inside come out to play big time.

You don’t care at all about the consequences of your words or actions and you’ll say pretty much everything that is in your heart and soul.

So, if he is drunk dialing and texting you, saying he loves you and wants you back, it’s probably because he really does.

However, he is too ashamed to tell you about his feelings when he is sober and he uses this opportunity to do so instead.

On the other hand, maybe he is doing it on purpose. There is a possibility of him testing your limits this way; if you agree on taking him back, good for him but if you reject him, he’ll claim it was just the alcohol talking.

Nevertheless, this can also be a tricky situation because he might just wants to sleep with you. So, how can you actually know which one of these two situations is true?

Well, if he calls you back the next day and shamefully apologizes, then you know he was serious but if you don’t get a call back then you know he only needed you for one thing—sex.

He’s active on social media

group of male friends taking a selfie

In today’s dating world, if you want your ex back, just pay attention to his social media activity because that can tell you a lot about your ex boyfriend’s feelings for you.

In this situation, there are two possibilities: he is following you and likes your pictures (but not in a creepy way) or he is doing something completely the opposite: he is posting too many photos of himself having a blast and spending time with other girls.

The first scenario is his calm and rational way of showing you he still likes you.

If he didn’t have feelings for you, he wouldn’t have any interest in your photos or your social media profiles.

The second scenario is his irrational and strange way of coping with the pain of losing you but it is also a good sign of his emotions.

He is posting photos of him partying heavily and hanging out with different women.

This is his way of trying to make you jealous and his cry for help because he realized he lost something he shouldn’t have—you.

He mentions your break-up

unhappy girl looking at her phone outside

Another obvious sign that your ex wants you back is the fact that he keeps on bringing up your break up, as if there still exists some things that need to be sorted out.

Maybe he does it out of the blue or he has come up with a whole new scenario that will lead to talking about why you broke up.

Or he is using it as an excuse to break the no contact rule and to get in touch with you, using the pretext that he needs closure.

Either way, he clearly has some unresolved issues he would like to take care of.

I mean, why you would bring up something that delicate and painful like a break-up if you don’t want to talk about it and try to solve it or just get closure?

If he brings up the break-up talk, it’s most probably because he wants to resolve it although getting closure is equally possible.

The best way you can find out which one of the two it is is to let the conversation go in the direction he wants it to go.

If he expresses regret and sorrow, it means he wants you back but if he just states facts and seeks answers, he only wants closure.

He wants you to be best friends

young girl sitting at coffee bar and looking at phone screen

Think about it: who would like to stay close friends with their ex? Who would like a constant reminder that you two didn’t get along and all you have behind you is a failed relationship?

However, this is exactly what your ex is doing—he keeps on inviting you for coffee, sends you good morning text messages, gives you advice… but doesn’t talk about reconciliation and doesn’t court you.

Even though you might see this as a real sign that he is over you, the fact is that this guy loves you so deeply that he is ready to do anything to keep you in his life one way or another.

After all, no matter what happens between you two, he will do anything to keep his friendship with you.

He will try with everything he’s got to keep you in his life even if that means he’ll suffer in silence because he loves you but doesn’t know if you’ll take him back.

He’s the guy who wants you back but won’t admit it.

5 Signs He Loves You For Real

The way he looks at you

cute woman standing outside looking at man with a warm smile

If you observe things carefully, the way your ex is looking at you can be a good sign that he wants to crawl back into your life.

Maybe he is managing to hide his true feelings most of the time but once he sees you, the good memories overwhelm him and he can’t help but feel nostalgic.

There is no one there for him but you. If you enter a room full of people, his eyes will be on you and only you.

When he looks at you, he opens his heart entirely and his eyes are showing how vulnerable he actually is.

Of course, there is also the possibility of him looking away and avoiding eye contact every time you two run into each other.

If this is the case, it is clear that he is hurt and that a mere look at your face deepens his emotional pain and heartache.

He knows what is important to you

happy girl looking at her phone outside

Another clear sign that your ex boyfriend wants you back is the fact that he remembers details about you and the things he knows are important to you.

Although you have broken up, your ex keeps defying the no-contact rule and he keeps texting you and calling you from time to time, usually when there is something important he already knows about.

It is not just that he still didnt forget about your birthday or things like that—this guy also calls you to remind you that you have a doctor’s appointment you arranged months ago, he knows everything about that important event you have going on at work and he wishes you a safe trip for the holiday you booked last year.

Even though you two broke up, he is still your support with things that matter to you.

He continues acting like your best friend, even though you two parted ways a while ago.

You might not see it at first but this is one of the real signs that your ex misses you and wants to become a part of your life for the second time.

He asks for your opinion

man sitting and typing on his phone in cafe while

Once again, even now that you’ve broken up, he still asks for your opinion and values it above everything.

He wants you to give him advice on things he doesn’t know how to deal with because he is obviously used to having you by his side and helping him out.

The worst thing is that this guy even asks you for advice regarding his new girlfriend or a new relationship.

Of course, at first, you see this as a clear sign that he has stopped loving you and that he is in the process of moving on.

However, let’s be honest and admit that this is not the real reason for him contacting you. Are you indeed the only person he can go to and whose opinion he values?

The truth is that your ex misses you and is probably trying to make you jealous. Besides, he sees him opening up to you as a way to find out more about your love life as well.

He tries to make you laugh

smiling woman holding typing on her phone while holding a cup

Even after all this time, you still get a text now and then with something funny that happened to him or a joke.

So, you see, this means you’re still on his mind and he probably still has some strong feelings for you.

In fact, he has an uncontrollable urge to share little things with you that amuse him.

He wants to brighten your day and subconsciously thinks it is his duty to keep on making you happy.

He wants only the best for you

happy young woman sitting in forest and typing on phone

Maybe this is the main reason why he broke up with you in the first place.

Maybe he feels he isn’t good enough for you and since he loves you that much, he tried letting go because he only wants what’s best for you.

There is a possibility he saw that you had no place for self-improvement in your relationship and that it would be better for you to become his ex girlfriend.

Maybe he realized that the love you two shared wasn’t enough for you to function as a couple in real life and that it would be better to remain good friends and nothing more.

However, the very next day, after the good memories consumed him and after he realized that leaving you was the worst thing he could ever do, he repented and now he wants a second chance.

He is not a manipulative, selfish asshole who looks after his needs only.

Maybe he loves you truly, madly, deeply, so he let you go and now he wants you a second chance but won’t admit it.

If he shows some of these strong signs, you can be sure that he still loves you and wants you back but won’t admit it. He is probably ashamed that he let you go in the first place.

He probably knows that he made a mistake and thinks that there is no chance in hell you’ll take him back.


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