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7 Phrases That Mean “I Love You” More Than Those Three Words


There are so many ways to express love in the English language. I am not one who likes using the phrase I love you so much.

I’ve started to think there are some other phrases that can express love more than those three words, phrases that can make every girl’s heart skip a beat.

It’s so important to recognize these phrases because they can tell you a lot about the person you’re dating.

I’m here for you.

couple holding hands and looking each other in the eyes

When someone lets you know you can rely on them, that’s important. It gives you a sense of security and stability, and that’s what really matters when you’re in a relationship.

Counting on someone to share the good and the bad with you is the ultimate sign of love.

I’m so happy for you.

couple hugging on bed

When you really love someone, your happiness is their happiness. It means that you’ve become one with that person and that you feel his or her feelings.

If a guy tells you he’s happy for you, it means he’s not selfish and that he cares about your feelings.

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You’re pretty.

man complimenting woman on the couch

Everybody likes compliments, but probably girls like it more than guys. There is something so special about the adjective ‘pretty’.

We love being told we’re sexy and that we look good, but ‘pretty’ goes straight to the heart!

Even when we’re in some old T-shirt and we’ve got messy hair, we like to know there’s someone who finds that pretty.

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How are you?

couple sitting on the floor and talking

Being able to openly discuss our feelings tells a lot about our relationship. If we openly share our thoughts and feelings, it is a sign of a very deep connection.

If you have a significant other who asks “How are you?” after a long, lousy day at work, or a terrible fight with your sister, your day will immediately get better.

How can I help you?

couple talking on the balcony

It’s such a great feeling when you have someone who is always ready to jump in and help you.

Life is so much easier when you know you don’t have to go through difficult times alone.

If you have a significant other who is always ready to give you a hand, then he is a keeper!

Let me know when you get there.

young man talking on phone

There is something beautiful about people you love acting protective towards you.

This means that your significant other wants to know that you’re always safe, no matter where you are.

Are you hungry?

couple having a toast at resturant

Who doesn’t like an open invitation to get some food? Sharing food is very important in a relationship.

They say love goes through the stomach, so we need more of that love.

Girls love when guys take them out to grab some food, and that doesn’t mean you have to take them to some fancy restaurant.

If a girl likes a guy, she will be the happiest even with a burger from a food truck in her hands.


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