How to get him back

8 Ways To Win Your Man Back


Let’s get one thing straight ladies—winning your man back will be way tougher than winning a new man over.

But if you think that he is your soulmate and you just messed up with him, you need to be extremely careful and play by some rules if you want to win him back.

It will take a lot of your time and effort but in the end, you will get what you want. If you think that you can’t do all by yourself, we bring you some amazing tips to win him back and make him a part of your life again.

Give him space

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If you get into his shoes, you will see that he needs some time alone. He just needs to recover from the shock and he needs to arrange his thoughts. So, don’t call him, text him or tweet him.

Let him be alone because time heals all wounds, even those deepest ones. I know that you probably think that if you call him, he will think of you all the time.

It is true but this time, he will look at you like a clingy and pushy person who calls just because she is miserable and who wants him back.

Try to play this game wisely and if you have some patience, he will come back to you. There is nothing worse for him than the thought that you don’t need him.

Be the best version of yourself

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I know being dumped sucks, but hey, that is not the end of your story. There is so much more you can show to the world and make your life better.

So, instead of staying home, wearing those baggy PJs, eating tons of ice-cream and watching sad romantic movies, go out and think positively.

Do yourself a favor and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Okay, you made a mistake but there was a reason for you to do that. Maybe your man just didn’t give you all the love and affection that you needed, so you were drunk and desperate and you found it in another place. But we are all humans and we make mistakes but it is also human to forgive.

If you show him that you are a high-quality person and that you are just fine without him, chances are bigger that he will come back to you.

Stay busy doing things that you love

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If you are busy with things you love, you will think about your man less. Also, when he sees that you are totally fine on your own and that life didn’t stop the day he left you, he will pump his break and think about the two of you once more.

So, instead of sitting home and staring at blank space, go out and do things that make you happy. If you see him, keep your class and just say ‘Hi’ and move on.

Don’t forget that he still needs some time and it is not the right time to talk about what went wrong in your relationship.

Look your best

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Maybe you didn’t have time to take care of yourself when you were dating him. But maybe you just stopped paying attention to your nails and your hair because you were in a long-term relationship and you thought that he liked you just the way you were. Now, as you are on the market again, there are some things that you need to pay attention to.

Get your hair and nails done. Take a massage and go shopping. Look your best and act like you have a lot of self-esteem.

When your man sees you like that, all improved and more beautiful than ever, he will start thinking about what kind of girl he had next to him.

Develop confidence

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Is there anything sexier than a confident woman? I thought not!

When your man sees that you have confidence and that you don’t feel down about what happened, he will think about you in a different way. It will surprise him that even if you were broken, you can still stand up for yourself.

Your high confidence will be like a magnet to him and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you. And the more he thinks about you, the more he will want to come back to you.

Avoid desperate behavior

Happy couple and their friends dancing in disco club If you show him that you miss him so badly and that you can’t live without him, he will never come back to you. Instead, keep calm and play by some rules.

Don’t be the first one to say ‘Hi’ if the two of you are at the same party. Let him come first to you.

Also, don’t try to act like you are having a great time when he is around. Let it all be natural because you won’t get anything by pushing things.

Don’t let him see that you are clingy and desperate and that your whole world fell apart when he left you. Show him that you also have pride and that you won’t accept him treating you in a way that you don’t deserve.


Get stronger while he gets weaker

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As time passes by, he will feel your absence and he will think about you more. In fact, he will start feeling bad now while you have already gotten over that grieving process.

So, at one moment, you will be improving yourself and working on your life and he will be all down, staying at home and just thinking of you.

When all of this happens, you will see that it was worth having some time for yourself to detox.

If you hadn’t done this, you would still be broken and you wouldn’t be able to move on. Now, you are stronger, smarter and ready to love—but this time differently.

Admit your faults, but don’t beg

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It is more than okay to admit that you messed things up. But that is it. When you admit it, you can say that you are sorry but don’t be desperate.

If he sees you begging him to stay with you, he will think that you are too clingy and obsessed with him and that is not the kind of girlfriend he wants next to him.

Do whatever you think is right but please, don’t ever beg—no man is worth it. Keep your dignity and let him see what he is missing.


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