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Once He Comes Back, Don’t Forget How He Left


You might not see it now, but people always come back. Not right away; not when you want and expect them to, but sooner or later, they do.

After all, every murderer eventually returns to the crime scene, right?

That is exactly the way people come back to the ones they’ve damaged; to the ones they’ve hurt and to the ones they should have appreciated more.

Sometimes they do it to try to repair what they broke. Sometimes they return just to make sure they’ve managed to kill you spiritually.

Sometimes they do it to feed their egos and to prove to themselves that they can have you whenever they feel like it.

And sometimes they do it in an attempt to get your forgiveness and to clear their guilty consciousness.

People come back when you’ve almost forgetten all about them, as if they sense that you’ve moved on and that they’re slowly losing a place in your heart.

They come back once they really start to feel your absence, once they finally see your worth, and once they understand what they’ve lost.

The same thing will happen with your ex—the one who broke you to pieces, the one who made you question yourself, and the one who convinced you that you aren’t meant to be loved.

With the one who crushed your world and changed you forever.

You might not see it now, but eventually, he’ll come back to you.

One day, when he is no longer the first and the last thought that goes through your mind.

One day, when you start to live again and when you convince yourself that you’ve finally gotten over everything he’s done to you.

Just like that, he’ll show up out of nowhere to ask for your forgiveness.

He’ll come crawling back, telling you that he realized what he’s done, and he’ll beg you for another chance.

You see, this guy is used to you forgiving him. He is used to you being his safety net and the one who always takes him back, no matter what.

Consequently, he will expect you to make a place in your life once more.

He will expect you to tell him that you’ve spent all of this time patiently waiting for him and that you’ve never stopped loving him.

That is exactly why he’ll come to you once he loses everything and once everyone else turns their backs on him.

Once he gives it a shot with every other women he had the opportunity of being with, and once he sees that no one could ever love him the way you did.

Once he reaches rock bottom, he’ll remember you as his last resort, and he’ll want you to save him.

When this happens, all of the memories you had with him will flash right in front of your eyes.

And for a moment, you’ll really wish to continue where you guys left off—you’ll wish to give your love another opportunity.

However, this is when you’ll have to be strong enough not to allow nostalgia affect your decisions.

When you’ll have to look at things realistically and remember everything this man has done to you.

Once he comes back, you’ll have to be strong enough not to forget about the way he left.

Not to forget how he abandoned you when you needed him the most and how he didn’t give a damn how his departure might affect you.

You’ll need to remember how he betrayed your trust and how he left you hanging.

How he never gave it a second thought about how you feel and what he was doing to you.

You’ll need to remember all the tears you cried for him, all the sleepless nights you spent wondering why weren’t you enough and what you could have done differently to keep him.

All the traumas and scars he left behind.

Once he comes back, you’ll have to be selfish enough not to care about his well-being.

Selfish enough not to think about what he needs and feels, and for once, you’ll have to put yourself first.

When this happens, you’ll have to treat this guy the same way he treated you when he walked awaycold heartedly.

You’ll have to slam the door straight in his face, and turn your back on him once and for all.

Yes, at first you might feel guilty for doing such a thing. You might even question your decision, wondering if you did the right thing.

However, before you know it, it will hit you-it was the only thing he deserved. Most importantly- it was something you owed yourself.  

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