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11 Explicit Reactions When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good


Relationships and breakups, current partners and ex ones…These topics are complicated for everyone and we can never be objective about them.

However, when it comes to different reactions when your ex sees you looking good, there are some straightforward explanations.

Although everybody is different and their reactions to specific things, there is a pattern that follows every ex who sees you looking good.

All that separates you from the details of this pattern are a few finger scrolls!

11 Most Common Reactions When Your Ex Sees You Looking Good

Your ex stumbled across your social media accounts or saw you at a coffee shop last month and you are wondering what their reactions were since you looked better than ever?

Here comes a list of all possible reactions they might have experienced!

1. They admire your beauty

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If you haven’t seen your ex in a while and then suddenly ran into them, you might expect several reactions especially if you had a post-breakup glow-up.

The first and most obvious reaction is their admiration. Charles Darwin once said: ‘‘It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself’’.

This quote tells about the theory of evolution and in some way you have also evolved post-breakup.

They will look at you with eyes that say: ‘‘They had a difficult time after we split and look at them now, how they’ve overcome the hard times and handled the breakup effectively’.

Because of this unexpected situation, they will be too stunned to speak and their eyes will only be on you all the time.

2. They feel proud

If you two agreed on the no contact rule after the breakup, a natural thing will be that they will be shocked…positively of course.

How they had the opportunity to date and be with such a beautiful creature will be the thought going through their mind.

Because of this, they will feel extremely proud since only a very few people had the chance to date you. If you tell them that you don’t have a new partner yet and simply can’t find love, this will especially boost their confidence.

This self-esteem is somehow always more linked to guys and their nature. Knowing that he was able to make his ex-girlfriend happy in the past may give him a sense of success.

Her beauty will also enhance his ego, making him believe that he is a handsome man for having such a beautiful ex-girlfriend.

3. They are happy for you

Your ex will be delighted to see you in good shape when they see you. They will instantly remember your smile when it was intended for them.

And even though you two aren’t together anymore, it could hurt, but it will still be something that makes them happy. Why is it the case?

Because you are still a person they previously cared about, regardless of how and when the two of you split up in the first place. They greatly value you as a person, not an ex.

As your outer appearance can be a strong indicator that you are also doing well on the inside, they will be thrilled to see you like this.

If you ever truly loved someone, you will always want the best for them even if we are talking about ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends.

4. They will regret breaking up

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Even if they are the happiest person on earth to see you happy, there is a chance that they will also feel bad about it. Why?

They will be disappointed that the two of you weren’t able to resolve your issues. Even though you had a lot of plans for the future and shared many romantic memories, you decided to call it quits.

They will especially feel regret if they are the ones who broke up with you or if they see you happy in a new relationship. These emotions may cause the person to have self-doubting thoughts or to believe that there must be a flaw in them.

They might even try to ruin your new relationship out of this regret.

5. Nostalgia will strike in

Regret and nostalgia always come in pairs. It may be a huge heartbreak still loving someone you can’t have and seeing them happy and looking good.

Seeing you like this might trigger an avalanche of emotions, memories and all the little things you two enjoyed.

They will cherish all the happy moments you’ve shared. How you smiled at them on your first date. The way you held their hand and the first kiss that followed.

They will recall the handcrafted items you used to give them and all the jokes you made that were so ridiculous that they still laughed.

There will only be room in his memory for the happy thoughts that remain from your breakup.

6. They might approach you

If the feeling of regret and nostalgia is strong enough, you might even expect that they will approach you.

No matter how, they will find their way. This can be via text message, with the help of mutual friends or simply by approaching you in person.

This approach will be a good sign. It can be interpreted in different ways, but each of these ways is a positive one.

They might want to express their gratitude for the good old days and say how they are happy to see you looking better than ever.

Another reason might be that they want to be with you. They approached you to see if you have a new love interest and to ask you out if you don’t.

7. Insecurity will kill them

Insecurity is actually a pretty common thing when it comes to seeing your ex looking better than ever. Especially if you see him for the first time after a long time with new friends and a great love life.

A lot of people have no struggle getting over a breakup. However, if they see their ex looking good and that they improved their own life, that might cause some insecurities to show up.

They will be concerned that you left them because they were not good enough for you. Your ex might start to feel a little insecure since they saw how great you looked.

It will be hard for them to bear the fact that you look happier without them. They will start to question both their appearance and personality. Especially if they had some insecurities in the relationship.

8. Guilt might also kill them

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Another possible reaction when your ex sees you looking good is that they will feel an enormous amount of guilt.

If they were the ones who started the breakup, seeing you in fantastic shape can make them feel bad because it appears that you are happy without them, yet they were the ones who started it all.

They will feel bad for leaving you because they didn’t work hard enough to resolve the problems in your relationship and for not bringing you the happiness you deserve.

They will start to think that they didn’t treat you well if they see you in your best edition because when the two of you were together, you never looked that gorgeous.

And that implies that you’re enjoying your greatest life ever without them and are happier as a result.

9. Or maybe embarrassment?

While some people are happy to have a gorgeous ex, others may feel awkward or ashamed that their ex has moved on and found someone new.

Their self-esteem may lower if they believe that they are being mocked because their current partner is superior.

If you happen to see each other in person, you might expect them to avoid eye contact due to this embarrassment.

10. Jealousy is not an exception

Another possible reaction when your ex sees you looking good is that they will start to feel jealous of you if they notice that you’re looking fantastic. There may be several reasons for this jealousy and I am going to explain a couple of them.

Jealousy can be a sign that they can’t bear the fact that you are happy and moved on, as your good looks will imply this.

They will be aware that you found happiness apart from them, which will affect their ego. Particularly if they still haven’t been able to let go of anything you two had shared.

The second reason why they are jealous might be that they noticed that you have a better love life and a better partner who is doing everything to make you happy. And that’s when they will realize that they want to get back to you.

You can see from their body language that they aren’t happy with you looking better than with them.

11. They may be confused at the moment

Even after all those years, some emotions will never fade away…

And them bumping into you looking amazing can’t be an easy thing. They will try to act as normal as possible and to control the surprise and delight, but they will have some struggles doing so.

This will, overall, create a confusing appearance and maybe an unpleasant moment.

How Should You Act In These Situations?

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How you should react in these situations depends on the situation you are currently in. Are you single? Or are you dating someone? Do you really want an ex back into your life?

Your ex misses you

Did they approach you through some dating apps? Sent a text message saying how they miss you and how they would do anything for a meet-up to happen, just a moment after you posted a selfie looking fabulous?

If you’ve moved on and you’ve improved your love life, then there is no need to respond to such messages. My advice is that you should unfollow them on every account you have.

If you, however, are still single you still should not agree to this meet-up. They didn’t feel the need to text you before that selfie, but when they saw how great you are doing, they wanted to ruin it.

Your well-being and mental health are the most important thing for you, don’t let some high school ex ruin that!

Your ex feels bad about treating you unfairly

You did everything to save the relationship that you two had. You even got a relationship coach… but the problem could never be solved since they didn’t put any effort into it.

You were always a good partner, you have never made your ex jealous and always presented them in a positive light.

Now, they are aware that they did you wrong and want to be a part of your life again, only after seeing you looking better than ever…This can only be because of their jealousy, insecurity or guilt!

Don’t fall for that! Be happy on your own and this will be your best revenge for their behavior in the past.

All Things Considered,

What are the true reactions when your ex sees you looking good – a thought that has crossed everyone’s mind at least once.

Even though people and their personalities differ largely when it comes to these specific situations, we are pretty much the same.

All things considered, these reactions can only boost your ego even more. But what happens with your ex?

Most of the time they will have a positive reaction and be truly happy for you. Some ex-partners may have negative reactions and forget how you were firstly best friends and then lovers… but don’t think of them! They are not worth it!

We will always go straight to our memories when we run into someone from our past. It might just last for a few seconds at times or it might stay for a few days.

Instead of worrying, celebrate the many memories you have collected throughout the course of your life. And remember: if they were good for you, they wouldn’t be an ex now!


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