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10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex


Let’s be honest. Sex is no longer a taboo, and men and women have finally been portrayed as equal.

In movies, women often take the lead when it comes to seducing and initiating some action.

We no longer fear that society will condemn us just because we enjoy sex in the same amount as men (or maybe even more).

However, there are some reasons why you should actually wait longer to have sex (and no, I’m not talking about your period or headaches).

No matter how hot that one guy is, sometimes it is really wise to say ‘no’ (for the time being), and if you’re wondering why, here are 10 solid reasons for it!

1. Get to know someone’s true personality

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Yup. When you just meet someone, the process of knowing their true personality is a long one.

If you see him as boyfriend material and you jump into bed a little bit too early, you will ruin the chances of getting to really know him.

You will be less likely to engage in asking him some deep questions about himself because your mind will mainly be focused on one thing, and that is sex.

And if his personality sucks, no amount of his hotness will save the situation.

2. Anticipation

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Remember that feeling of butterflies in your stomach?

Well, if you wait a little bit longer to have sex, you will definitely feel those butterflies every single day and minute before the right time comes.

There is nothing more special than building anticipation. It has the power of bringing sex to a totally new level that will give you more pleasure!

3. Regret

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Sometimes it is really wise to wait a little bit longer (especially if you’re really crazy about the guy) because you don’t want to regret doing it.

Guys can be really tricky. They are capable of doing anything only to convince a girl to sleep with them.

On the contrary, girls are by nature more emotional beings, and the feeling of regret can literally destroy them.

In order to keep it from happening, if you’re not one hundred percent sure about his intentions, it is always wise to wait a little bit more.

4. Get to test his true intentions

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

One of the most effective ways to test his true intentions is waiting longer to have sex with him. In that case, there are two possible outcomes:

a) He loses interest. He stops calling you and spending time with you because he was only interested in jumping into your pants.

b) He’s still interested because he genuinely appreciates you as a human being, cares about your emotions, and doesn’t have problems giving you time as much as you need.

5. Being your own boss

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Sometimes women forget that they are their own bosses when it comes to deciding when, where, and how.

It is mostly men’s pushy nature that creates confusion in a woman’s mind.

When a woman really likes a guy, she sometimes feels pressured to sleep with him only because she doesn’t want to lose him.

But, you should always remember that you are the boss of your own mind and body, and you decide when it will happen.

6. Letting him court you

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Gone are the days when literally every man out there was acting like a gentleman.

Nowadays it seems like men are only interested in one thing only and that is getting into your pants with minimal effort.

They don’t even bother opening doors for you anymore, and this is really something to be worried about.

And that’s where you jump into the story. By not giving him immediately what he wants, you will force him to court you, make an effort to show his qualities, and win you over.

You will give him the opportunity to be a real man and remind him to behave like a gentleman.

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7. You don’t owe him anything

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Some guys think that if they buy girl a drink, she has to sleep with them. And if she refuses, they actually get insulted as well (can you believe it?).

That is why waiting longer to have sex is actually a great idea.

They should definitely be taught a lesson that you don’t owe them anything because you are not a charity institution.

8. Avoiding potential failure

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

Sometimes when we’re under the influence of alcohol, we don’t really think straight, and we find ourselves rushed into the decision to have sex only to find out that it was a total failure.

We all know that men’s performances in bed greatly alter after indulging in too much alcohol, and that is why waiting is actually a wise decision.

9. Have a chance to be different

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

If you really want that guy and you feel like the competition is really strong, the easiest way to win him is to show him that you are different.

And you will do it by not doing anything at all.

Guys are not interested in things that are served to them.

It is in their blood to fight to win something, and if you give him some space for that (aka not sleep with him immediately), he will fall for you.

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10. You have time

10 Reasons Why You Should Wait Longer To Have Sex

And the last, but definitely not the least one: don’t let sex rule you because you are the one who rules it.

Always remember that you have plenty of time to be steamy, and don’t let anyone influence your decision.

Just relax, follow your gut, and don’t give a shit about what others want.

You are the captain of your own ship, and you have plenty of time to navigate it!

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