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8 Proven Ways To Get Over A Guy Who Led You On


Being led on is definitely every girl’s nightmare. That is something we don’t want to experience in any kind of a relationship, especially in a romantic one. But wishes are one thing and reality is something else.

So, if you were a victim of a man who led you on, here are some great ways to get over it.

Know it wasn’t your fault

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Please bear in mind that it wasn’t your fault he left. He was just a jerk who didn’t know what kind of woman he had next to him and one day he will feel sorry for letting you go.

It wasn’t your fault that he cheated on you and it wasn’t your fault that he led you on.

You were just a woman in love trying to make him happy but he took advantage of you.

Take time before your next relationship

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The worst thing you can do is to hook up with someone soon after you break up with your ex.

That will hurt you even more because deep down you will know that you are doing that just to have someone next to you.

And in most cases that kind of relationship will finish faster than it started.

So, don’t do this to yourself and take some time to heal your broken heart. Once you are ready, you will know it and then, the sky is the limit.

Do things that you love

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After a toxic relationship that you’ve had, it is time to think about yourself for a change.

So, go ahead and do the things that you love. Go out with old friends or sit at home and watch those old movies you like so much.

It is your time now and you should do things that make you happy and satisfied.

Social media is a big no-no

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There is the possibility that a guy who led you on probably has a main chick and after the two of you break up, he will start posting his photos of him with her.

Trust me, that is the last thing you want to see while your heart still aches and while you are totally broken.

Don’t talk about him

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I know that people are curious and they will probably ask you why the two of you ended your happy relationship.

If you don’t want to talk about that, just let them know. Tell them that you want to leave the past where it belongs and that you want to focus on some other things in your life.

It is your private life and you should share it only with people who are close to you. If others can’t understand that, it is their problem.

So, listen to them and don’t let anyone tell you what is the right or wrong thing to do. I

n the end, you will be alone with your feelings when everyone leaves you.

That’s why you need to find ways to shake the stress away and to be born again. That is the only way you can get over that guy who led you on.

Surround yourself with positive people

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The best way to actually get over that asshole who ruined your life is to surround yourself with positive people.

They won’t let you think about him and with them you will be able to do things that you really enjoy.

So, go ahead, tell jokes, travel, stay out late at night and live life to the fullest. Don’t forget you have only one shot to do that!

Be hopeful that things will get better

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Believing in positive things is the key to your recovery. So, don’t think it is your fault he led you on and just think how it will be better without a toxic man in your life.

You just need to put yourself first and everything else will follow. Bear in mind that you are the only ruler of your destiny and if you smile at life, it will smile back at you!


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